Finally this site is online again. Not everything is yet ready, but most of the important things are online. I hope you enjoy the site. The latest posts are also here below. And always have a look at my tweets


is what Bluebeat Shelter is about in first case. On the ‘Music’ page you can find all links to my tunes on the web. And if you know a place that isn’t listed, drop me a line because I am very curious. 🙂
Here comes my Music!


If you are independent musician today, you can’t get around social media. Be it Twitter, Instagram, you name it – we are there. Social media is the most effective tool for us to get known and heard. Here you find my Twitter timeline and more. Have fun!


And maybe you are interested in how Bluebeat Shelter arose and who this person (Karl) behind the music is.
On this page you find some – more or less -important information about: Bluebeat Shelter & me