Stick to stock…

Playing around with an idea I recognised a funny thing. As usual I loaded an instrument, I had this “Superstitious” Clavinet in mind, loaded a drum VSTI, all went fine and what I thought of was in the DAW within minutes. I didn’t want to go on with that track, I just wanted to record or note my idea.

Then I noticed the latency display, it showed about 150 samples, too little to be worried about, because with a sample rate of 44.1 kHz that is just about 0.003405 seconds.

I do not believe that anybody was able to notice a delay of 34 thousands of a second 🙂 – but it made me test how much this would be if I hadn’t loaded my favourite Waves Clavinet and UMJAMs Virtual Drummer.

Since the melody and beats were noted as midi I just loaded a stock combinator device for the Clavinet and Kong for the drums – I could have mentioned this all is in Reason 11 – copied the tracks and deleted the tracks with the 3rd party instruments.

I was convinced that the latency will go down but I didn’t expect it to go down to zero. This was a real surprise.

As I already mentioned, the latency in this case was really irrelevant but if you think it over, the more third party Plugins you use the bigger is the possibility to push latency to the point of recognition. And the more power your box needs to handle the audio stream.

For sure this is not new and as long as the box has the power to handle everything there will be no problem at all.

But I think I will try to reduce 3rd party effects and instruments in the future and see what I can achieve with the stock effects and instruments. This is quite different from DAW to DAW, but the stock devices delivered with Reason 11 are (not all) pretty good. So “Stick to Stock” will be an interesting experiment.

On the other hand, I have to do some further research: Could it be really possible that latency is going down to zero?

I do not think so…

Cheers & take care,
Karl/Bluebeat Shelter