Island Vibes live on stream

Island Vibes, Vol. 1 - Bluebeat Shelter

‘Island Vibes, Vol. 1’ – my first EP with 5 Ska & Reggae tunes is finally also live on the streaming services.
Sure you can get it on my bandcamp page – and to be true – it’s nice when you receive a mail that says, sbd bought your music. It’s less anonymous. But I do not mind at all if you prefer Spoticetera.
BTW, Spotify do a great job. There was a ‘minor’ problem with my release and the solved it within a day. Thanks, Guys!

Okay, best is you check the Songwhip for finding the ‘drug’ of your choice: Island Vibes, Vol. 1.
Thats all it takes. A nice thing the guy at Songwhip built. And he develops even more functions.

And one more thing I shouldn’t forget to tell you: I just pushed a Video up to the Tube…

It’s for the opener, an uptempo ska stomper called


Hope you enjoy this one and all other tracks on my latest release as much as I did while making them!

Cheers, take care and stay safe,

Karl aka Bluebeat Shelter