Volume up or…

Since some time I turn the volume while mixing down, often in combination with setting the output to mono.

What I now have recognised is that even when I compose/write/build/make* a new song, I prefer a lower volume.

That’s quite funny because when I was playing in a band and we started jamming the volume usually went up until we found a base from where song creation started.

Now one of the reasons for reducing the volume might be, that I’m always on my own and have to stay focused to keep the strings together.

Okay, maybe this wasn’t that interesting for y’all, but maybe you have experienced similar things when working on new tunes.

About the reduced volume and switching to mono while mixing – it is a trick I have read about in several articles, blog posts and community boards and it helped me a lot for levelling instruments in songs. Sure, all is easier when your gain staging is proper.

I often turn the volume, monitors or headphones don’t make a difference, that much down that I just can hear all instruments. Switching to mono is a good idea because you can’t level the tracks correctly in a stereo panorama. Panning afterwards is anyway the better choice.

When all is done and you can hear all instruments and important sounds at a very low volume, you can almost be sure it works at higher volume as well.

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Thanks for reading & take care, Karl/Bluebeat Shelter

* Name it how ever you want, for me it’s making music. And TBH, I’m not that familiar with being a ‘producer’.