Social Media

As already mentionend, Social Media is a quite important thing for independent musicians, or better, for all artists who are not in the spotlight.
These are the places to get contact, get known and – first of all – to ‘network’. It doesn’t help anybody to only have followers, when you don’t interact.
I will write something in my blog about it, soon.

So here we go

On the right, on mobiles below, you can see my Twitter feed. Feel invited to look around, since I retweet a lot interesting music and info about indie bands and more. If you are alrady on Twitter, my handle is @bluebeatshelter and I’m quite often around.

The other big social platform I frequently visit and where I post news and stuff is Instagram. If you prefer IG and want to follow or get in contact you can find me with the handle @bluebeatshelterofficial.

There’s a lot more you can file under social media, e.g. Drooble – a musicians communinity with many interesting tools and services. About all these thing – later in the blog.